North Shore Challenge Recap

I had a 60 minute open water swim on my schedule for Sunday and then a teammate posted on Facebook about a race at Rattlesnake Point and I decided to sign up because open water with friends is way more fun than open water by yourself!

I registered for the 3.8K and was all set to race at 8am!

Things don’t always work out as you want them to.

My mom and I drove down to Jarvis and stayed with friends the night before.  Saturday was pouring rain, and we woke up on Sunday to find that it had slowed a bit, but still wet.  Drove out to Rattlesnake Point, only to find that the race had been reschedule to 10am.  No worries – got all my stuff and headed down to the beach to check out the waves.

Almost for some open water swim craziness… #TeamSkyFit #northshorechallenge

A video posted by Lindsay (@lindz_taylor) on Jun 28, 2015 at 4:44am PDT

Went back to the pavillion to stay dry and at 8:45 we were told that the 3.8 was being pushed to an 11:30 start in hopes that the waves might die down.  I understand pushing a start due to weather, but I had something to do back in Toronto on Sunday afternoon, so this was a little frustrating to my OCD organized life because there is a big difference between 8am and 11:30 and I had been planning my day as if I was going to be done the race around 9.  After a quick email to the coach, I decided to switch into the 1500m event that was still starting at 10 so I could get back home on time.

At 10am the horn blew and we headed out into the water.  This was the waviest swim race I’ve done and it was both awesome and challenging.  It was really hard to sight – I’d be on the top of a wave and wasn’t able to see the next buoy and the water was super murky because of all the rain, making the swim feel really blind all round.  I stopped a couple times and took off my goggles just to get my bearings.  I don’t think I went very far off course, but it was unsettling to be in the water and have no idea where I was going.

I had a lot of fun, but its definitely wasn’t quick because of the conditions – finish time was 33:33, which was only a smidge slower than my 2000m swim in the Welland half a couple weeks ago and this was way tougher.

Great (but wet) day!

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