A Year of Training – Week 45

Monday –  Injury Prevention exercises – focus on hip flexors and glutes.

Tuesday – 50 minute ride focusing on cadence.  My cadence is generally really low, while it feels like its high.  Working on it makes my legs feel like jelly.

Wednesday – Power at the gym, and then 6K of running hills.  I’ve done this specific hill workout about 5 times, and it never feels better, but every time I’m a little faster and a little stronger!

Thursday – HIIT on the bike trainer due to rain.  Lots of speed play and high cadence.  SUPER SWEATY.  I’m not a lover of the bike, but I thought this one was fun!

Friday – 40 minutes open water with a friend with me on her paddleboard.  Uneventful and a bit boring.  Swam into the same stick twice (going back and forth in the swimming area).  Arm still feels wonky from Welland Half.

Saturday – BRICK!!!  26K ride followed by 6.5K run, with hill sprints at the end.  I love getting my workout done before 8am, because then I just get to chill out for the rest of the day.

Sunday – Went and did the North Shore Challenge swimming race so that I could do my open water swim with people instead of on my own.  Recap is HERE.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3500m
Bike: 60K
Run: 12K
Gym: 2

Total Time: 7:14

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