A Year of Training – Week 43

Monday – Recovery day! Race week is upon us!  Rose City Half Triathlon on Sunday… EEK

Tuesday – 16K on the bike on the first part of the Ironman Muskoka course.  This course is NO JOKE.  I have The Fear.

Wednesday – 3K strides with the dog.  She was hot and unimpressed with going for a run, until she went swimming. And then was unimpressed that she had to have a bath afterwards.

Thursday – Was supposed to do a short ride, but took a nap instead.

Friday – Short 15 minute shake out run

Saturday – Saw Jurassic World and then drove to Welland to spend the night so I didn’t have to get up at stupid o’clock to drive down in the morning.

SundayRose City Half.  Had its ups and downs, but I’m a Finisher!!!.

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A Year of Training – Week 42

Monday – Recovery day!  Nailed it!

Tuesday – 40 minutes of speed play on the trainer, focusing on the the upstroke of pedalling.  Clipless pedals are pointless if you only push on the downstroke!

Wednesday – National Running Day, so naturally I went swimming.  Speed work in the pool – main set was 10×100 max on 10 seconds rest.  Trying to find the balance between kicking and overkicking gets harder the more tired I get.  Haven’t done this in a while and thought that I would have lost some speed in the pool after all the focus on running during the winter, but it was pretty solid.  Last 3 were a little tough.  More rest would have been nice!

Thursday – Hard strides workout workout again.  Went a little bit further a little bit faster.  So yay!

Friday – Recovery day!! YAY! Two in one week?  NAILED IT AGAIN.

Saturday – Took a dip with some of #TeamSkyFit in Lake Ontario at Sunnyside Beach.  Holy crap that was cold.  Like, cold on my exposed flesh to the point of painful.  Glad I got in and did some swimming in my wetsuit before next week, but, geeeeze that was cold!

Sunday – Short Anaerobic Brick workout.  Sweaty and gross and definitely anaerobic.


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A Year of Training – Week 41

Monday –  Quick and dirty negative split workout in the pool.  Only 1000m but felt great in the water.  Quick massage in the afternoon on my achy right hip and the pain vanished!  At night I played a game of “change the bike tire” multiple times when I attempted to put the new bike on the trainer (with the trainer tire), only to find out that my new bike won’t attach to my old trainer and have to switch the trainer tire back onto my old bike.  In all, I changed 6 tires.  Good practice?

Tuesday – Long power hills workout on the trainer.  This exhausted me.  Awesome workout, but ended up falling asleep on the couch afterwards.

Wednesday – 6K of hard stride intervals.  Lots of bugs in the park – swallowed at least 5 and I think there may be one hiding in my eyes.  Felt good, but achyness is back in the hip after going fast :/

Thursday – REST DAY.  Woke up exhausted.

Friday – 2000m continuous in the pool again.  Went a little faster and felt a little smoother.  Less Lindsay Lohan and more Taylor Swift in my head.  Not sure if this is a good thing.

Saturday – 12K run of speed followed by aerobic work.  Started too late in the day and almost melted in the 30C humidity.  Didn’t bring water – its my own fault.

Sunday – 50K ride on some hilly Muskoka roads.  Touched a little of the Ironman course, but not a lot of it.  Hills are rough.  Turned a corner at one point, saw the next hill and said “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” Second half was way better than the first half as I remembered how gears work.  Need to remember to pedal on the upstroke as well.  Got a flat with 3K left.  Glad I’ve learned how to change them!  Going up again soon and will ride the first part of the IMMuskoka course.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3000m
Bike: 90km
Run: 18km
Gym: 0

Total Time: 7:53

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Cheerleading at Toronto Women’s Run!

After my workout on Sunday, Cooper and I packed up our cheerleading essentials and walked to the park to cheer for the runner’s at the Toronto Women’s Run event.

I love this little race series, but the only downfall to it is that there aren’t usually a lot of spectators out on the course.  The volunteers are awesome, the Mizuno RunBirds were fantastic, but sometimes you just need a cheerleader, a little pick me up, especially if things are going a little rougher than you’d like, so that’s what Cooper and I did.

We are experienced race cheerleaders and brought most of the essentials – a blanket to sit on, snacks, tea for me, a ball for Cooper, a waterbottle to share and of course: a sign.

View event: http://www.zoomphoto.ca/event/19636/

Cheering on Jenna and Lisa! #TeamSkyFit

View event: http://www.zoomphoto.ca/event/19636/

Go Runners!

Love that I have official race pictures and didn’t actually run 🙂

I didn’t have a cowbell (must invest in one for future cheerleading endeavors) but I’m pretty loud and did have a singing husky mix who is rather unpredictable in timing, but pretty effective in giving runners a few laughs as she woo’d at them running by.

I had lots of fun cheering on these ladies (and a few gents) on Sunday and stayed for almost the entire thing, seeing practically everyone twice (apologies to the last 10 ladies in the half I missed the second time). I got lots of excited comments on their way back like “I saw you near the beginning!  That means I’m almost there!”  They were all super glad to know that:
a) only 900m left!
b) shade up ahead!
c) ‘You look so strong – you can catch the girl in front of you!’

Lots of happy runners, some frustrated runners, and some who were both proud and bewildered with that they were doing “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ABOUT TO FINISH A HALF MARATHON!”  Emotions are all over the spectrum in a race, and as a spectator you get to be a part of that journey.  I highly recommend it!

Congratulations on a great day, runners!  So proud to be a part of your day! I can’t wait to be back – either as a runner or a cheerleader.

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A Year of Training – Week 40

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 40 weeks!

I’m tired recapping this.  Coach said that this was going to be a “Big Week”.  He didn’t lie.

Monday –  Gym workout.  It was so busy there!  Then I took a nap.  Long weekends are awesome.

Tuesday – Endurance ladder in a yards, salt water pool.  This made me feel deceptively fast, but I felt great in the water!  Fastest 100y was 1:13, which I felt was not too shabby!

Wednesday – 25 minute recovery run in the morning and 25K on the bike in the afternoon working on skills at high cadence.

Thursday – 60 minute progression run.  I am terrible at running in Zone 2.  Was so excited when I ‘got’ to run in Zone 4.

Friday – AM swim – 2000m continuous which was fine, but got Lindsay Lohan’s Rumours stuck in my head, which was terrible.  Went for a goodbye lunch for a co-worker that is leaving and had probably too much wine so PM 40 minute bike ride ended up on the trainer (don’t drink and ride!).

Saturday – Recovery day!  So excited.

Sunday – Anaerobic Brick workout.  Fast biking on the train followed by fast running.  Repeat multiple time.  Jello legs.  Then took the dog and went to cheer at Toronto Women’s Half and 5K 🙂

Weekly totals:
Swim: 4195m (yards converted)
Bike: 40K
Run: 15K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 6:14

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A Year of Training – Week 39

Monday –  50s all out in the pool.  Felt sluggish in the pool, but that will change.  Swimmers always feel like they are floundering when they are back in the pool after extended time out of it, no matter what their actual fitness is.  Feel for the water will return!

Tuesday – Swim Foundational Strength at the gym.  Its been a while and it was tough!  My arms were shaking by the end so hard!

Wednesday – 60 minute spin on the trainer.

Thursday – Bike Foundational Strength at the gym.  I HATE THIS ONE.  Lunges are the worst.

Friday – 2500m in the pool with lots of stuff at sub 1:30 pace.  Arms are tired.  So, so tired.

Saturday – Recovery day!  Worked and then took the dog to the beach and then to a friends house.  I love summer.

Sunday – Aerobic brick.  First ‘long’ ride of the season on the new bike.  City riding sucks, but I had a lot of fun.  36K bike followed by 7.5K run.  Run felt great off the bike!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 4200
Bike: 66K
Run: 7.5K
Gym: 2x

Total Time: 6:14

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A Year of Training – Week 38 (or not so much)

Recovery week post marathon.  Nothing scheduled, but took some long walks with the dog, and did 22K on a ride on Saturday that felt rather rough 6 days post marathon going up hills.

This little break was nice for a mental breather.  I moped for a couple days after the marathon debacle, but I’m ready to get training again.  Back to focusing on riding, swims and bricks!

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